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Mustang Hire California

If you are looking to rent a Mustang in California then look no further, as you have arrived at the home of California Mustang Rental, the No.1 choice on the web. We specialise in Mustang hire California saving you time and money searching for the best deal. We simply bring all of the leading Mustang rental agents together and find your the best possible price online, cheaper than going direct.

So if you are planning an American Road trip and want to rent a convertible Mustang in California, just let us know when you want to pick up and return the car and we will get an instant quote from all of the leading Mustang rental suppliers in the USA!

Meet the all new 2018 Ford Mustang for rent in California

mustang rental California

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California Mustang Rental Statistics

Engine Capacity (ltr) 5.0
Configuration V8
Maximum Power @ RPM 416 PS @ 6500
Torque Nm 530
Kerb weight (kg) 1771
Fuel Consumption MPG (L/100km)
Urban 14.2 (19.9)
Extra Urban 32.5 (8.7)
Combined 22.1 (12.8)
CO2 (g/km) 289
Max Speed (mph) 155
0-62 mph (s) 4.8
data based on 2018 model 5.0 V8 GT Convertible (Automatic)

Convertible Mustang Rental California

As Mustang Rental specialists, we can help you find the right Mustang for your trip, whether you want a convertible or a coupe mustang we will find the best price for you. Whilst other car rental websites may offer a wide range of cars to rent in California, if you want a Mustang or another American muscle car, then we are the choice for you.

We have over 500 locations in the USA where you can rent Mustangs including California, so don't settle for anything less on your American Road trip, book Mustang rental in California today and see how little extra you pay to drive an American legend. All of our Mustang rentals can be customised to suit your needs, from additional drivers to child seats and GPS, we can arrange the little things that make a big difference to your rental, making sure you get exactly what you need to make your trip a great one.

Whether you are travelling in a group or a couple, a convertible Mustang will really get you off on the right foot. Even for families or business travellers, arriving at your destination in a Mustang will make a great first impression and turn an otherwise arduous journey into a memorable one. Feel the breeze in your hair when you rent a convertible Mustang in California.